How to create real Abs using Android

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Yeah! you saw it right, in this post I will tell you how to create abs or reduce abdomen fat using Android.
Nowadays we are so busy that we don't have time for physical exercise.Like I'm 15 and study in 10th standard so I wake up at 7 in the morning,go to school and return at 3 p.m then at 4 p.m. i go to tuition and return at 7 p.m. so when I get free I dont have enough energy left in me to work out.Same is the case with everybody,no one has enough time also these gadgets have almost stopped the physical games so I found a software that will take only 5-10 minutes of your precious time and also will help you loose abdomen fat and if you already have a low fat it will help you create abs.
                                                     About the Software
So the name of the software is Abs workout and is created by "Caynax" you can download it from Here.
Its a small app so it wont take much of your phone memory.It starts from light to heavy workout as you move on.It takes approximately 42 days to get you in the right shape.Also you can go and change several settings that you will see after swiping from left to right.

Abs workout - screenshot

                                                               How to use this Software
So when you will open it and do all the customisation you will see a kinda calender from day 1 to 45. As you can see in the picture below
Abs workout - screenshot

Like when you're using it first time click on the first option do as recommended by it because if you directly jump from exercise of day 1 to day 5 it may cause heavy aches on your body because the body is not used to such things but if you increase step by step its cool.So as you complete exercise of one day the tick will appear and just keep doing these regularly.When you click to any day that you can see in the picture an animated video with audio will start and will give you the instructions about how to do, what to do, when to rest etc.
Abs workout - screenshot

After each exercise you get a 10 seconds break to relax so everything is systematic.All you have to do is lay down and stick your Android phone somewhere you can see the video running and hear the audio. That's it now just be regular and try to gather some time for your health. After 42 days you can download the next edition of this software from Google Play it's name is Abs workout 2 of Caynax.

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