How to add album art(background image) in songs

8:18 AM

Sometimes the album art or we can say that the background image of songs doesn't come in our Android devices,the cause can be downloading pirated songs or DVD.Album art kinda adds a beauty to the song so if its absent and just a blank CD is appearing instead of album art it may feel annoying and also sometimes some album art may appear in PC but not in mobile phone.So today in this post I will be covering how can we add album art to approximately all the songs in your device. 
  So there are two ways how you can get the artwork(album art) :-

1. n7 player:- It is a very cool and attractive music player and definitely different from others it like other music players not displays the list of the song and choose from them but what it does that it displays names of all artists and genres like a collage and you tap on the name and it will show the album and then choose any song from that album and also it provides the option at the beginning to download missing artwork so it has dual benefits ( i )You can get the missing artwork ( i i ) You can get a cool music player.

                                 n7player Music Player - screenshot

2. Cover Art Downloader :- It is a software that downloads the coverart (album art) and then you can play it in any music player,albumart will appear even the default player so its a simpler option.

                                                               Cover Art Downloader - screenshot

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