How to video chat using back camera

1:22 AM

In many phones there's no front camera and they think they couldn't video chat and many software doesn't allow video chat using back camera.But now you might have heard about We Chat.It allows you to video chat using back camera.

How to?
Open friend at we chat and press the + button there you will find written Video Call click it then press start video call Thats It ! now you can video chat.

Note : Both users should be using Wifi or 3G to video chat


How to put app data in external sd card

1:10 AM

Earlier i have written a post that helps in installing apps to external sd card (POST).It  works but it only sends the apps to sd .Games like temple run,agent dash,subway surfer,small racing games can be transferred to sd who are low in size approximately below 50MB that doesn't requires extra stuff to download But their are games like need for speed,real racing,Virtua tennis who have size above 100Mb , the apk of these apps/games are of 6-10Mb only but when you open it there is a notice that you need to download extra files to run it these files are very heavy and cant be transferred using the old link to sd trick. For that you need a software called folder mount . Download from official thread or click here. It requires Root

How to use
Click the plus icon you can see in the first image and the second image will come on the screen.Type name of the app and click below source and select the folder.It will say that can it automatically transfer it to ext sd source click yes and press the tick and your folder will be moved in external sd.

Many times if you do this the game says that you need to download the extra files if that comes check the Name that you put in second image.When i was moving Virtua tennis files the same happened with me ,then i changed the name "Virtua Tennis" to "virtua tennis" (all in small) then it worked but in frontline commando i had to type the first letters in capital.
So if it in any app doesn't worked then put the folder from ext sd to its original folder.You can comment if you are having any problem


How to unbrick hard bricked Xperia

3:37 AM

                                                             My Experience
I am having a Sony xperia tipo and i by mistake bricked it! I searched on Google that how to unbrick it .Every website had the same answer download flashtool and install the firmware but how could i do that as since my xperia was hard bricked even Sony logo was not coming.When i used Sony pc compainion and clicked repair it was also not helping it gave a message that it contains modified software.So after all the experiments i found a way to unbrick it.

To unbrick the Xperia (any) you need
USB,Flashtool,Sony pc companion or Update Service(Sony)
Flashtool is not required if you phone's bootloader is not unlocked.

Don't follow the starting steps if your bootloader ain't  unlocked .
Keep pressing volume down button and then connect your phone with usb cable already inserted in pc.If green light didn't lit at first try,remove the battery and reinsert it and try again.
Now open the flashtool and click unlock bootloader(even its unlocked) it will say that unlocked then gain do the same then you will see a button where it will be written "Relock" click it and now your bootloader is locked.

Now people will locked bootloader should also follow the steps
Pc companion :- Unplug your device and open the pc companion  and click Support zone
Then click update software then click repair my phone then follow the steps and it will ask you to select your phone then after installing the new software your phone will start running.

Update Service :-accept the agreement , click next and it will ask you to select your phone and then press volume down button and connect your phone at the same time with usb click next after installing original firmware your phone will be running.

Please follow me on soundcloud if it helped LINK

Bsnl Wifi not working Solved.

1:41 AM

When i bought my first phone my wifi was not running , just wifi signal was coming but was not able to access the net.I searched a lot but didn't found a solution.But this is a solution for those who are having only BSNL modem and in their phone wifi signal is appearing but net is not running.

Some things you need to check:-
  • You have BSNL modem with an antenna 
  • In modem WLAN light is on
  • Phone supports wifi
If all the above things are Ok then proceed to the following steps
  1. Open  it will ask for username and password write " admin " in both blanks.
  2. In the left side you will see Advanced settings option click it.
  3. Click the edit you see on the first line 

    4. Click next and then select  PPP over Ethernet(PPPOE) click next and type your username and password and in service name type Bsnl.

    5. Click next--> next --> save. Then click save/reboot.

    Now you dont have to click the broadband connection then connect etc whenever you will open your pc your internet will be connected just open browser and use net and wifi will also be working

    If any problems comment 

What is root of SD card

6:52 AM

In many websites you may have seen that download this file and put it in the root of your SD card.Many of you might think that it is related with Rooting of your Android device or when we root the phone a folder "Root" is created in your SD card but no it doesn't means that at all.It simply means that you have to copy/move that file in SD card but not by creating any folder you just have to put that file in the main page of your SD card.So that's what Root of SD card means!


Best phones under Rs 15,000

8:21 AM

Today I will give my views on some best Android phones under Rs 15,000.I'll categorise them by their brands so that you can choose from your desired brand.


1. Sony Xperia E :- This phone is just Classic! I really love this smart phone it has some amazing features and is about Rs 9500 in price.
                                                  Buy Sony Xperia E
Main Specifications
3.2Mp back camera,4.1 Android,1 Ghz processor,3.5 Inch capacitive screen,512 MB ram,4 GB internal memory etc.
The only drawback is that it doesn't have a front camera otherwise if you have a low budget is superb.

2. Sony Xperia Neo L :- This phone costs Rs 13,000 but it worths that price
Main Specifications 
5MP back camera,0.3MP front camera,Android 4.0,4 Inch screen,1Ghz processor, Internal memory 301MB but includes 2GB card,512MB ram etc
It too has a drawback and it is its internal memory.

3. Sony Xperia J :- This one costs Rs 14,000 but it too is very nice also it has some cool specifications
I am impressed by it's looks.Its very slim and sleek.
                                                        Buy Sony Xperia J
Main specifications
5 MP back camera,0.3Mp front camera,4.0 Android,1GHz processor,4 Inch screen,512MB ram,4GB internal memory etc.


1. Samsung Galaxy S  advance :- Its is just superb thats what i want to say about this phone and is only of Rs 13000

                                                           Buy Samsung Galaxy S Advance i9070: Mobile
Main specifications
5Mp back camera,1.3Mp front camera,4.0 Android,1Ghz dual core processor,4 Inch screen ,16 GB internal memory.

2 Samsung Google Nexus S:- The names Google and Samsung itself tells about the quality of this phone. It costs Rs 13,000- Rs 15,000.

Main specifications
16GB internal memory,2.3 Android,5Mp back and 0.3Mp front cameras etc.

HTC Desire and Explorer and wildfire are some low budget phones of HTC but they are not able to compete with the above phones. Htc can provide you good phones but at high budget.

1. Micromax Canvas HD :- Only at Rs 14,000 you can get this high end device.

                                                        Buy Micromax Canvas HD A116: Mobile
Main specifications 
4.1 Android,8MP back and 2Mp front cameras,1.2 Quad core processor,5Inch screen,2GB internal storage,1Gb ram etc.

2. Micromax Canvas 2 :- Price 10,000

                                                        Buy Micromax Canvas 2 A110: Mobile
Main specifications
4.0 Android,8MP back and 0.3 front cameras,1GHz dual core processor,5inch screen,2GB internal,512MB ram etc.

Karbonn titanium s5 is also a good phone.