How to download songs in Android easily

1:01 AM

Hi guys today i will tell you how to download songs in Android easily .

In many android phone people are not able to download songs. In my Sony Xperia when i click to download the music player started playing the song it just played songs not downloaded them So i found an app called
 "Download free music mp3 app ".
Download it from

How to get details about a Song

12:36 AM

Hi, guys today i will tell you how to get details of a song that is playing in t v, mp3 player, radio,computer etc in your Android phone.

Sometime if in Tv i hear a good song i just want do download it because i love music so before i had an Android phone i was unable to get details of  the song like who is the singer, which album,where to download etc .But now i have some apps that can give the details. So i will tell about two apps :-

1. Track ID :- It is for people who have a Sony smartphone. Mainly it is pre installed but if it's not you can download it from

How to download Youtube videos from mobile.

7:57 AM

Hi today i will be telling you how to download youtube videos from your android cellphone . In play store there are a lot of video download apps but no one download from real Youtube but this app called "Tube Mate"(not available in play store) helps you download youtube videos. When you open it you will see an interface like of real youtube with search option search for any video and click the GREEN colored ARROW it will ask you whether you wanna watch that video or Download. select download and you will download the video.A good thing about it that even in a bad internet connection it provide a good internet speed.
Download from

How to get Paid Apps for free

7:48 AM

Hi  guys today i will tell you all how to download Paid apps of android for FREE!
So by this you can download 75% of apps you find on play store.
Ok, So there's a software called Bl

How to install apps on external card in Android 100% working

10:58 PM

Today I will solve one of the biggest problem of low budget Android phones i.e. how to install apps on external sd card .Its a quite long process but read the steps properly and you will not get any problem.
1. Rooted phone
2. sd card reader
3. mini tool partition wizard

First of all remove your sd card , connect in through your pc using a card reader and backup all data. When i did this my data was not removed but i read everywhere that backup you data so that's why i am advising you that.

Download mini tool partition wizard from

Best Browsers for Android

8:56 AM

Today I will tell you some of the best browsers for your android device.
I will divide it into 2 categories--- one that saves more data, other that has a nice interface but consumes more internet.

1. Data savers :- these browsers are Best if you are running internet on Edge,GPRS,Wap etc.

  • UC

Sony Xperia (of 2012) root.

2:11 AM

Today we will be rooting any Xperia (2012) having Android 4.0.

Note:- This will void warranty of your device.

Top 5 ways to increase phone's speed

9:00 AM

Today i will explain that how to increase phone's speed in just 5 small steps

1. Less Apps :- You should try to install as less  apps as you can . If you install apps like a notification toggle, google goggles, google maps etc they will be running even if you exit them . If an app is running it will definately consume some ram and people like me whose phone's ram is just 512 MB most of their ram is used by these apps. So i suggest to remove the apps that you don't use. I suggest that you should download and app called

How to unlock bootloader of Sony Xperia

11:10 PM

Today' tutorial is about how to  unlock bootloader of Sony Xperia any modal and it definately works.

First, you should confirm that it is possible to unlock the boot loader of your phone by checking the service menu. In your phone, open the dialer and enter " *#*#7378423#*#* "  to access the service menu.
  1. In your phone, tap Service info > Configuration > Rooting Status. If Bootloader unlock allowed says Yes, then you can continue with the next step. If it says No, or if the status is missing, your device cannot be unlocked.
2. Now go to 

Top 5 most unique Launchers-Android

8:21 AM

Today's post is about TopUnique Android Launchers. Don't worry i will not tell about that common launchers like Go Launcher, 3D launcher, SPB launcher etc.I have got something new.The launchers are not arranged as how good they are. So