Fix Oneplus 3T Overheating and Battery Drain Issues

12:37 PM

So many owners of the Oneplus 3/ Oneplus 3T  are facing with these problems of overheating and battery drain.Most of you might be facing this problem after you updated your device to Android Nougat.The devices tend to get extremely hot during charging and even during some moderate usage.In this post I will be telling you some things that you can do in order to fix your phone from the above problems.But before we start i want you to know that this won't give you a drastic change in battery life because Android Nougat consumes a lot of battery so the majority of your battery is consumed by System/OS.Even Google Pixel had battery drain issues when it was updated to Nougat so we can hope that battery improves with the upcoming updates by Oneplus.

Step 1
1) Go to Developer Options in Settings and enable Doze Mode and enable Advanced Reboot.

2) Go to Battery and click 3 vertical dots at the top right corner,now go to Aggressive doze & app           hibernation and enable it for apps that you feel should not be running in background.Don't select         apps like Whatsapp/Messengers because they need to be running in order to receive text.
    Note:-If your battery backup is reduced using this step then unable the Aggressive doze & app                      hibernation.

3) Go to Storage and click on Cached data to delete it.

4) Go to Apps/Google and click on Storage/Manage Space and Clear All Data.


5) Repeat this step for Google Play Services.
6) Now don't click anywhere and reboot into recovery.
7) In recovery delete the Cache.It won't delete your data!

This solved the heating issue for me and enhanced a bit of battery life(not much though)

Step 2

  • Go to WiFi/WiFi Settings and turn off Smart WiFi switcher.
  • Go to Developer Options,scroll till you find Networking section and turn off every thing that you see there.

  • Go to Backup&Reset and turn off Back up my data.
Step 3

If still battery is very less then download apps like Greenify(Click to know more) that will stop most of the apps running in the background and help you save some of our precious battery.

Note:Screen On Time of 4 hours is great in this device so if you are getting that don't panic .

How to root Panasonic Eluga I (or S )

4:58 AM

So I am back with another tutorial on how to root Panasonic Eluga I.
I recently bought this phone and I was kinda unhappy with it because I was not able to find its root,though it runs well but without root I was not able to use some important apps like Greenify or Game Guardian so I kept on searching the Internet but I didn't got any post on rooting Eluga I everywhere it was Eluga S but not I.So after a long research I found a software that can be use to root your Panasonic Eluga I or S or P55 or Micromax Eureka or any damn phone you want :D .

So first of all download iRoot.
  • Now enable USB Debugging and connect your phone with your PC.
  • Keep phone on because it will ask for permission that you have to allow in your phone.
  • Now click Connect Device.It will take some time.
  • Now just click Root and wait.After sometime your phone will reboot and when you will open it the phone will be rooted.
  • You can uninstall a chinese app that will be installed when you connect your phone with iroot.
Its quite simple and worked for my phone.Hope it will work for you too.

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Kitkat in xperia tipo

How to install Kitkat rom (Stable) in Xperia tipo

4:29 AM

Very few of us still have Xperia tipo because its age of kitkat and our tipo got old since a long time and that is the reason why I am here.In this tutorial I will be telling how to install Kitkat rom which is fully stable in Xperia tipo.
So first download three files:-

  1. White Rom
  2. White Rom Update v2
  3. Update v2 Fix

I do not own these files.

Make sure your tipo is rooted ,bootloader unlocked and clockworkmod recovery installed.
if not click the links above to do them.

So,once you have downloaded the files put them in the internal storage and reboot to clockworkmod recovery (By pressing vol up/down button when sony logo comes during reboot).
In recovery 
  • Wipe data/factory reset
  • Wipe cache partition
  • Advanced---->Wipe dalvik cache.
  • Go back
  • Install zip from sdcard--->Choose zip and install the file White rom (file in number1)
  • Reebot system now ,goback,Fix.
Now you have Jellybean and for kitkat again go to recovery don't wipe anything and install zip in no.2 i.e White Rom Update v2.Reebot-->Go Back.
Now you have kitkat but it has some bugs.So to remove those bugs Install the third file same way as 2.
And now we have Kitkat.

If you did anything wrong your phone will get soft bricked .
Incase it happens click Here to repair it.

Link2SD plus hack

2:33 AM

There are some kind of apps like Link2SD whose pro files can't be installed just be downloading apks.They need to be hacked and in this post I will be hacking Link2Sd.

First of all download the free version from play store and then download Lucky Patcher.
It requires Root! 

  • Install Lucky Patcher and go to Lucky Patcher folder in Internal Storage.
  • After that download a file from Here and paste it in the Lucky Patcher folder.Replace the previous file.
  • Now open Lucky Patcher and long press Link2Sd
  • Click Custom Patch and Apply
Wait for sometime and you're done .

How to add album art(background image) in songs

8:18 AM

Sometimes the album art or we can say that the background image of songs doesn't come in our Android devices,the cause can be downloading pirated songs or DVD.Album art kinda adds a beauty to the song so if its absent and just a blank CD is appearing instead of album art it may feel annoying and also sometimes some album art may appear in PC but not in mobile phone.So today in this post I will be covering how can we add album art to approximately all the songs in your device. 
  So there are two ways how you can get the artwork(album art) :-

1. n7 player:- It is a very cool and attractive music player and definitely different from others it like other music players not displays the list of the song and choose from them but what it does that it displays names of all artists and genres like a collage and you tap on the name and it will show the album and then choose any song from that album and also it provides the option at the beginning to download missing artwork so it has dual benefits ( i )You can get the missing artwork ( i i ) You can get a cool music player.

                                 n7player Music Player - screenshot

2. Cover Art Downloader :- It is a software that downloads the coverart (album art) and then you can play it in any music player,albumart will appear even the default player so its a simpler option.

                                                               Cover Art Downloader - screenshot