How to create backup of your apps

6:47 AM

Today I will be telling  how to create Backup of your apps in two ways, for both rooted users and un rooted users.

In Android one wants to download custom roms ,root his device and do other interesting but Dangerous stuff.So it's necessary to create backup so that if your phone got damaged you can later recover the apps once its repaired.Because all of you know that if all apps are deleted then we have to download all them again and in today's world no one have enough time for that.So here's two steps to create a backup.

Note:-Both works for rooted users but only 1st for users who still not have rooted their device.

1. App backup and Restore :- There's an app called App Backup and Restore download it from play store it's free.There you can see two kinda dissociation a) Installed b) Archived .
In install you can find all the installed apps and in archived the apps of whom you have created backup.It makes backup on Ext Sd card so that also if you phone's storage gets formatted backup stays at ext Sd card.

Backup- Making backup is very easy just select apps from "installed" of whom you want to make a backup of after selecting click backup.

Restore- If your apps are deleted then install the app from play store and there you will find all the apps of whom you have created a backup of . Select all and touch backup ,you will find setup of all the apps will start opening one by one.


2. Clockworkmode recovery :- Second one is through clockworkmode recovery.You should have clockworkmode recovery installed in you phone you can take help of Google in installing clockworkmode recovery in you phone (if having problem comment with phone's name) .
Now boot into clockworkmode recovery go to backup and restore-->Backup to external Sd card.
That's it!
Now if you wanna backup to internal storage then you have to save that backup file in you pc otherwise you can face problems.


Google introduces "Hangouts"

12:26 AM

Hangouts (replaces Talk)
Google keeps updating with its new ideas and innovations to improve their services.Now Google has made a new chat app named "hangouts"

How to stop apps from running in background

6:36 AM

Hi guys,
I know that in most of the Android phones the ram is only 512MB which doesn't fulfil our needs because there are many useless apps that are running in background.So i found a way to stop apps that always run in background.However these things can be run when you open them but when you are not using them,they will be closed and will not open in background.

Okay so there's a software called Greenify you can either download it from play store or from HERE. Download and open it.

click this plus <---
And select apps that you don't want to run in background.

How to change google play to older version

8:57 AM

Hi guys,
As you all know that google keeps updating their apps and also do they update Google Play.Now a new update of google play is available i also updated it but honesty i didn't like it so i thought of downgrading it .I will now tell you how to downgrade the google play.
Its very easy,just follow some steps

How to run games smoothly on Android phones.

7:53 AM

Hi guys, I know many of you may not have a high budget Android phones.Mostly in them the good games with cool graphics and nice stories doesn't run and if run they run very slowly with lots of lags so the fun gets reduced to half But! I have found a software that can be used to run the games at a normal speed. However they may take some time to load but after it starts game will run slow.

Download and Install :- So I found a software that you can download from

How to install apps on mobile using Computer!

7:57 AM

Hi readers, today i will tell you how to install apps on your Android phone using computer i.e. not going to play store in your phone.

  • For that first of all you need to be signed in through the same Gmail account in both your phone and computer.
  • Secondly you must be connected through Internet in both your phone and computer.In phone it can be the common packet data or wifi etc.
  • Now open

Some good Android games for ordinary phones.

7:59 AM

Hi today i will tell you folks about 5 best games for ordinary phones.The list goes like this :-

1. Subway surfers :- In this game you have to run in a railway station and dodge the obstructions .It
has nice graphics and updates every month with new interface and features.It is a kinda unending game and i am sure for atleast 2 months you will have its addiction .

Some must have android apps

7:38 AM

Android has given us millions of apps and it's very difficult to choose some from them.So,now i will tell my viewers about 10 must have android apps :-

1. Neo reader :- This software helps you to scan QR code with your phone. QR code is a code through which you can go to a webpage from your phone by clicking the picture of the code from your phone.

2.  Office