How to go to secret menus in Sony Xperia

7:05 AM

Today i will be telling how to go to 4 secret menus in your Sony Xperia and also what you can do there.
Dial the codes in the dialer of your Xperia.

1.Service menu:- In this menu you will find 3 options 
  •  Service Info :- In the Service Info you can check various information regarding your phone like Model Info,Software Info,Configuration etc

  • Service Tests :- In the Service tests you can test whether your phone is working properly or not.You can check Touchscreen,Display ,LED ,Speaker,Microphone etc
  • Customization Settings:- And you can reset Customization using Customization                     Settings.

Code-  *#*#7378423#*#*

2.Testing Menu:- In this menu you will find 4 options
  • Phone Information:- It is a ping test that shows basic some information about your phone.
  • Battery Information:- It shows the condition of the battery at present.
  • Usage Statistics:-It shows the Usage Time of all apps.
  • WiFi Information:-It has some information regarding WiFi.

Code- *#*#4636#*#*

3.GTalk Service Monitor:- Here you will see some information of your phone like                                                                                   RawStanzaProviders,Connection stats,wakelocks,Heartbeat etc.Also you can                                               send the heartbeat to server.

Code- *#*#8255#*#*

4.IMEI :- It displays IMEI number of your phone.

Code- *#06#

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