How to unbrick hard bricked Xperia

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I am having a Sony xperia tipo and i by mistake bricked it! I searched on Google that how to unbrick it .Every website had the same answer download flashtool and install the firmware but how could i do that as since my xperia was hard bricked even Sony logo was not coming.When i used Sony pc compainion and clicked repair it was also not helping it gave a message that it contains modified software.So after all the experiments i found a way to unbrick it.

To unbrick the Xperia (any) you need
USB,Flashtool,Sony pc companion or Update Service(Sony)
Flashtool is not required if you phone's bootloader is not unlocked.

Don't follow the starting steps if your bootloader ain't  unlocked .
Keep pressing volume down button and then connect your phone with usb cable already inserted in pc.If green light didn't lit at first try,remove the battery and reinsert it and try again.
Now open the flashtool and click unlock bootloader(even its unlocked) it will say that unlocked then gain do the same then you will see a button where it will be written "Relock" click it and now your bootloader is locked.

Now people will locked bootloader should also follow the steps
Pc companion :- Unplug your device and open the pc companion  and click Support zone
Then click update software then click repair my phone then follow the steps and it will ask you to select your phone then after installing the new software your phone will start running.

Update Service :-accept the agreement , click next and it will ask you to select your phone and then press volume down button and connect your phone at the same time with usb click next after installing original firmware your phone will be running.

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