Bsnl Wifi not working Solved.

1:41 AM

When i bought my first phone my wifi was not running , just wifi signal was coming but was not able to access the net.I searched a lot but didn't found a solution.But this is a solution for those who are having only BSNL modem and in their phone wifi signal is appearing but net is not running.

Some things you need to check:-
  • You have BSNL modem with an antenna 
  • In modem WLAN light is on
  • Phone supports wifi
If all the above things are Ok then proceed to the following steps
  1. Open  it will ask for username and password write " admin " in both blanks.
  2. In the left side you will see Advanced settings option click it.
  3. Click the edit you see on the first line 

    4. Click next and then select  PPP over Ethernet(PPPOE) click next and type your username and password and in service name type Bsnl.

    5. Click next--> next --> save. Then click save/reboot.

    Now you dont have to click the broadband connection then connect etc whenever you will open your pc your internet will be connected just open browser and use net and wifi will also be working

    If any problems comment 

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