Best phones under Rs 15,000

8:21 AM

Today I will give my views on some best Android phones under Rs 15,000.I'll categorise them by their brands so that you can choose from your desired brand.


1. Sony Xperia E :- This phone is just Classic! I really love this smart phone it has some amazing features and is about Rs 9500 in price.
                                                  Buy Sony Xperia E
Main Specifications
3.2Mp back camera,4.1 Android,1 Ghz processor,3.5 Inch capacitive screen,512 MB ram,4 GB internal memory etc.
The only drawback is that it doesn't have a front camera otherwise if you have a low budget is superb.

2. Sony Xperia Neo L :- This phone costs Rs 13,000 but it worths that price
Main Specifications 
5MP back camera,0.3MP front camera,Android 4.0,4 Inch screen,1Ghz processor, Internal memory 301MB but includes 2GB card,512MB ram etc
It too has a drawback and it is its internal memory.

3. Sony Xperia J :- This one costs Rs 14,000 but it too is very nice also it has some cool specifications
I am impressed by it's looks.Its very slim and sleek.
                                                        Buy Sony Xperia J
Main specifications
5 MP back camera,0.3Mp front camera,4.0 Android,1GHz processor,4 Inch screen,512MB ram,4GB internal memory etc.


1. Samsung Galaxy S  advance :- Its is just superb thats what i want to say about this phone and is only of Rs 13000

                                                           Buy Samsung Galaxy S Advance i9070: Mobile
Main specifications
5Mp back camera,1.3Mp front camera,4.0 Android,1Ghz dual core processor,4 Inch screen ,16 GB internal memory.

2 Samsung Google Nexus S:- The names Google and Samsung itself tells about the quality of this phone. It costs Rs 13,000- Rs 15,000.

Main specifications
16GB internal memory,2.3 Android,5Mp back and 0.3Mp front cameras etc.

HTC Desire and Explorer and wildfire are some low budget phones of HTC but they are not able to compete with the above phones. Htc can provide you good phones but at high budget.

1. Micromax Canvas HD :- Only at Rs 14,000 you can get this high end device.

                                                        Buy Micromax Canvas HD A116: Mobile
Main specifications 
4.1 Android,8MP back and 2Mp front cameras,1.2 Quad core processor,5Inch screen,2GB internal storage,1Gb ram etc.

2. Micromax Canvas 2 :- Price 10,000

                                                        Buy Micromax Canvas 2 A110: Mobile
Main specifications
4.0 Android,8MP back and 0.3 front cameras,1GHz dual core processor,5inch screen,2GB internal,512MB ram etc.

Karbonn titanium s5 is also a good phone.

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