Top 5 ways to increase phone's speed

9:00 AM

Today i will explain that how to increase phone's speed in just 5 small steps

1. Less Apps :- You should try to install as less  apps as you can . If you install apps like a notification toggle, google goggles, google maps etc they will be running even if you exit them . If an app is running it will definately consume some ram and people like me whose phone's ram is just 512 MB most of their ram is used by these apps. So i suggest to remove the apps that you don't use. I suggest that you should download and app called
"App Backup and Restore". You can make backups of your app and if you use an app once in a month you can install it and use it for sometime and then delete.


2. Task killers :- Many phones including some Xperias don't have a task manager so you can't kill the running apps so i recommend to get a Task Killer and kill the tasks whenever you use your phone/ The above task killer has a widget you can kill tasks just by one click.


3. Settings->Apps->Running:- go to Settings->Apps->Running and you will find many apps running close all apps step by step. It's a slow process but better than task killers so you cant do this many times in a day so close all apps in morning and then keep using task killers.

4. Clearing cache :- You can clear your cache and other waste that is not benificial for your phone. Download a cache clearer from HERE.

5. Shut Down :- If your phone is slow and has less ram then if you use Wifi or 3G for a long time even after you stop using them and off wifi you phone runs at a damn slow speed so you can shut down your phone and then your phone will run as smoothly as it could but the condition is that you are not using wify anymore.

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