Best Browsers for Android

8:56 AM

Today I will tell you some of the best browsers for your android device.
I will divide it into 2 categories--- one that saves more data, other that has a nice interface but consumes more internet.

1. Data savers :- these browsers are Best if you are running internet on Edge,GPRS,Wap etc.

  • UC browser(mini) :- it is a nice browser saves a lot of data and its very fast 
Download it from HERE.
  • Opera Mini :- It doesn't saves lot of data like Uc browser but it is faster than that so if you want good speed in Edge,GPRS,Wap etc it will help.
Download it from HERE

2. Awesome browsers:-  The following browsers are recommended if you are using 3G,4G or a wifi connection. They are very good opens sites like desktop but are not that fast because sites when open in desktop type takes some time.
  • Google Chrome:- Now Google chrome needs no explaination its the best browser for Pc and is really appreciable in android too.
Download from HERE.
  • Dolphin browser:- It is one of the most downloaded browsers in market it has some extentions that i really love so check it out
download from HERE
  • Mozilla Firefox :- Mozilla is a well known browser and has also released for Android i also recommend to atleast give it a try 
Download from HERE

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