How to get details about a Song

12:36 AM

Hi, guys today i will tell you how to get details of a song that is playing in t v, mp3 player, radio,computer etc in your Android phone.

Sometime if in Tv i hear a good song i just want do download it because i love music so before i had an Android phone i was unable to get details of  the song like who is the singer, which album,where to download etc .But now i have some apps that can give the details. So i will tell about two apps :-

1. Track ID :- It is for people who have a Sony smartphone. Mainly it is pre installed but if it's not you can download it from


It tells :-- The song name , album , artist's info , helps in sharing the song , download link, youtube link.
How to use
1. Open it while the song is running.
2. Click the circle with music search icon ( shown  in pic below)
 It will take few seconds to record music and it will tell the info.


2. Shazam :- It works the same as Track Id but its fast and can be run on any brand's phone. 

It tells :- Name of song ,album,artist,helps to share,lyrics,youtube video.
 Click touch to shazam and it will tell the info.

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