Top 5 most unique Launchers-Android

8:21 AM

Today's post is about TopUnique Android Launchers. Don't worry i will not tell about that common launchers like Go Launcher, 3D launcher, SPB launcher etc.I have got something new.The launchers are not arranged as how good they are. So

Vire Launcher 
It is a cool launcher i really like the home screen and the clock widget inbuilt i personally recommend this launcher.But to improve its quality after installing it . Go to launcher's settings and enable HD shaders and it will be awesome.But the thing i didn't like is the menu screen it is not as good as it is expected when we see the home screen.

2. Smart Launcher

This is the most unique launcher i have ever seen. Even now i am using this launcher.It is for a kinda people who have a lot of apps in their smart phone , what it does it that it sorts the apps on the basis of their category like communication,internet,games,media,utility,settings etc it depends on the apps you have it saves us from swiping and swiping to go to a particular screen for our apps. Its home screen is also very nice so its the best launcher according to me.

3. ADW launcher

It is a simple launcher with no extra trends but its fast has a nice home screen and wallpaper so that's why i picked it up.

4. Launcher 7

Its speciality is that it makes android look like a windows phone and is nice.

5.Rocket Launcher

Its a complex launcher not for people who are new for android but is definately unique


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