Agent Dash diamonds hack (Android)

2:52 AM

Most of us like to buy all accessories on games like Agent Dash,Temple Run, Subway Surfers etc but we don't want to waste our time by playing that game whole day.So today I will be showing how to increase gems,diamonds,coins whatever you say in Agent Dash.So you need 3 basic things 

  • An Android phone
  • Agent Dash
  • Game Guardian
You can download Game Guardian from Here.
So you need to install both Agent Dash and Game Guardian

So first we have to open Game Guardian and when you will tap on its icon you will see something translucent on centre of your screen as shown in picture below.
Then open Agent Dash and play a game and after you will loose go to the main screen where it says "Retry".
Like in the picture it has 4587 diamonds when you'll reach there tap on the Game guardian icon on centre and search for amount of coins you have .If you got  few results like 5 or 6 long press them and change the value to amount you want like 99999999 and press ok. But if you got lot of results in game guardian search keep playing the game and keep searching for the coins (like if 30 gave lot of results earn more coins and suppose you now have 55 search for it).

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