How to unlock pattern in an Android phone (Android version 2.3)

1:45 AM

Many of us like to keep our phone locked,just for privacy.We don't want others to use our phone and stuff but many people forget the pattern,password they set and then they have only one option left and that is Google account login But what if you forgot that too !! Or you are not connected to internet that time :(
So today I will be telling how to unlock the device.
Note:-  I've tested it only at Android version 2.3 i.e. Gingerbread but you can try it on any of the version if you're lucky it might work because I'm not sure that it doesn't works on other versions or not.
This would wipe off all the stuff you have in your device but would unlock it.
 So to get your phone unlocked just follow the steps:-
  • Switch off the phone
  • When it's switched off press volume up button then simultaneously press home button and at last holding both (volume up and home) press Power on button. Don't release the buttons. [ if volume up doesn't work try volume down button]
  • Then you'll reach a secret factory mode.
  • There navigate ( through volume up or down button ) to clean /wipe factory flash or factory reset or anything similar to that and then press Home button to select it.
  • Then your phone will restart and probably now the lock's gone :)

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