How to transfer app from bluetooth

1:13 AM

Many times you see an interesting app in your friends mobile and you think that oh ! its nice i will also download it.But if you people have a slow net then its a bit slow and in today's world no one have enough time that he would wait for download.So... why not directly take it from your friend's phone through blue tooth.Confused? Don't worry I'll tell how to do it.

Firstly you have to download an app called Blue tooth app sender. It's an "apk" file so first install it in your phone And Don't Delete this file , store it in you ext sd or internal memory. Now if you wanna transfer an app , send this "apk" file to your friend's phone and install it.

Now open the app and type the name of required app in search bar,then click it and then it will ask how you want to share this file.Click on blue tooth and that's it ! now app will be send to your phone.

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