How to run games smoothly on Android phones.

7:53 AM

Hi guys, I know many of you may not have a high budget Android phones.Mostly in them the good games with cool graphics and nice stories doesn't run and if run they run very slowly with lots of lags so the fun gets reduced to half But! I have found a software that can be used to run the games at a normal speed. However they may take some time to load but after it starts game will run slow.

Download and Install :- So I found a software that you can download from
HERE. It's a 180kb file install it on your phone and open the app.

Usage:- There will be written "Multiplier" , turn it to one and press start and press the back button it will be running in notification.Now run the game and you will see that game will be running very fast with no lags.To close it open it from the notification screen and click close.
When you will be starting it the time will constantly change and wrong time will be displayed but when you will click close it will be set to the right time.

 Important Note :- For this to function Root is required

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